Diane Payne testimony to the SRC on December 17, 2015.

Diane Payne

Today, you will vote on resolution A-14 to approve 4 million to GCA Services to outsource maintenance and cleaning in 18 high schools.  You paved the way for this union busting tactic some time ago. I would like to publicly state that the continued outsourcing of our school district jobs is right in line with the …Boston Consulting Group’s plan for Philadelphia, the Broad Academy’s plan for superintendents, and the billionaire backed ALEC legislation plans for assault on middle and low income families.  Our highly paid superintendent is carrying out the ideological mission of these billionaire plunderers with the full blessing of this SRC.  I am asking that you vote NO on A-14 and move to restore these jobs to 32BJ.

For two successive SRC meetings, I asked why a Mastery grant was accepted to coach our district teachers.  I was told on Wednesday that I would receive an answer & I hope that will be the case today.

I am ending with a song to highlight the SRC’s continued mission of privatization.  The charter school explosion is not about “high quality seats” that is just doublespeak for “lining pockets with public dollars.”

To the Tune of Deck the Halls

Deck the halls with lots of charters… (fala)

Tis the season to sell out… Don we now our A-14 4 million 

Trolls abound in closing schools (falalala)

See the blazing disregard for voice (fala)

Strike the contracts for PFT & 32BJ fala

follow Source4Teachers in merry measure( falala)

While I tell of privatize treasure (falalala)

Fast away the old democracy… Hail the new, ye lads and lasses 

Sing the praise of Haves and have nots (falala)

(slowing down) Public    schools    are    up    for    sale    (falala)