Chrissy Del Rossi’s SRC testimony transcript – November 15, 2016

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Re: Withdraw of Marianne Kennedy from Resolution SRC-6

Welcome Chairwoman Wilkerson. Tonight will have very serious implications for my beloved colleague, Marianne Kennedy. Willard Elementary is here AGAIN to literally stand in support of her.  Although, we are all very confused why this is happening. As our employer why are you abandoning such a decent teacher? I am the Building Rep at Willard. We plead with you AGAIN to remove Marianne’s name from Resolution SRC-6. This is creating a professional stigma and personal hardship that may be irreversible.

As I stated last month, Marianne has served the School District of Philadelphia admirably for 19 years. She helps all children including those in crisis and does so in a loving, careful way to protect the safety and academic interests of our students. Marianne was following protocol put forth by this School District. I have worked with Marianne for 12 years. I have never once heard her raise her voice with students or staff. She excelled in the classroom and as a School Based Teacher Leader.

I love numbers!! Do you love numbers? Let’s do some math……AGAIN!

10 years times 30 students in a class makes 300 students. As a school based teacher leader you are responsible for the entire school. About 700 students times 10 years comes to about 7000 students plus their families. School Based Teacher Leaders devote time and support to the entire staff of their school. There are about 70 staff members times 10 years. That is 700 people. Add up the numbers that gives you roughly around 7-8000 lives that she has educated, guided, and served.

BUT…..That is not why we are here today AGAIN. We are not here based on those numbers- 8000 lives. We are here about the number 1.

We are here about 1 false DHS allegation….in 19 years….that her lawyer is in the process of fighting. There is evidence, documentation, and witnesses available to YOU to prove no wrongdoing. According to the School District website there are 8,443 teachers employed by the SD and 288 administrators. That is potentially 8,731 people that could find themselves in a similar situation. Will you abandon them too? According to the papers and our own vacancy list, we are having a tough time recruiting and retaining staff as it is.

What has happened to the American ideal of people’s rights? When did we abandon the practice of innocent until proven guilty and the right to due process.

Marianne Kennedy is innocent. She is only guilty of being an exemplary employee that has dedicated her talent and service to this School District for 19 years. Can any of you say the same? As the employer of such a revered educator, you should protect her right to due process, rather than terminate her. How should School District employees handle DHS interrogations so they are not facing termination when doing their job?

This process has already taken a toll on our entire Willard community. She has 3 children ages 14, 11, and 6. The impact of this resolution will have devastating implications for her family and every School District employee.

PLEASE….PLEASE withdraw Marianne Kennedy from Resolution SRC-6.