Board Views Testifiers as Nuisances

Board of Education Testimony, January 27, 2022

by Lisa Haver

APPS wrote to the Board concerning a number of important issues over the past 10 days. We received no response to any of them.  The Board views people who stand up for public education as nuisances to be ignored and silenced.

APPS wrote to ask why they had not released the Charter Schools Office evaluations of the new charter applications before the hearings this week. Why did they release them to the charter officials but not the public?  NO RESPONSE

We wrote to ask why they were considering an almost entirely revised Policy 911 without the necessary Board review. NO RESPONSE

We wrote to ask whether all Board members would be attending in person since the Board had approved the opening of all schools where there is inadequate ventilation and no distancing.  NO RESPONSE

We sent via twitter and email a formal objection during the charter hearings because of Sunshine Act violations. In violation of the Sunshine Act, the Board did not respond. That is against the law. The Board has capped the Speaker List and cut everyone to 2 minutes. They don’t want to hear our words. So…   [BLOWS WHISTLE]