Action Item 25 Student Voting and Civics Education

by Ilene Poses

On Monday Feb. 21, 2022 Circuit Judge Marjorie Rendell wrote an op-ed in the Inquirer:  “We, as a country, have a long way to go to reverse the downward trend in civic learning and civic engagement but if Congress were to pass legislation to provide resources to incentivize the teaching of civics, that would move us in the right direction.” She also wrote that “our citizenry is suddenly realizing that we do not know how our government is supposed to work.”

Action Item 25 on student voting and civics education is an easy way to correct this problem right now when our country needs the input and creative solutions from our young citizens to correct a slew of problems.  At present only 15% of eligible 18 years in Phila. are registered to vote.  We need to change this statistic. The problems of today, e.g. education funding, gun violence, climate change vitally affect this generation.  Students need to know that they are not just voting for a candidate but most importantly getting their viewpoint heard so change can occur.

(Sung to tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic)

Students who are 18 –  must register to vote

Their voices are  important for justice to promote

Without the civics guardrail

Understanding won’t prevail

Vote yes on 25!

Education fights conspiracies

Education  battles tyrannies

Registration is imperative

It can stop false narratives.