Action Item 16 Contracts with Motivating Systems LLC and Kickboard, Inc.

By Lynda Rubin, January 28, 2021

As many of you know, I’m a retired District elementary school counselor for 38 years.

I resent only having 2 minutes to offer my professional insights here – so just a few headlines.

First, This Board must rescind the speaker cap and reduced time limit for public input.

The website for Motivational Systems’ describes them as “dedicated to being the foremost full-service supplier of interior and exterior environmental graphics in its marketplace.” including schools.
Kickboard’s website states it’s to “Measure the effectiveness of your schoolwide culture initiatives like PBIS, SEL, RTI & MTSS.” They haven’t designed PBIS, just monitoring it. It’s an app to track PBIS behavior categories, but not necessarily actual behaviors, causes etc. Oh, and Kickboard not only provides tracking of student behavior, but also allows Administrators to track whether, and how much, teachers use the app.
Seems the District is interested in becoming more of what I call the “Hall Monitor” mentality. Clipboard – Checklist – Check! Check! Tracking info, deleting teachers’ creativity, professional knowledge about behaviors and handling them to best suit their and their students’ personalities and concerns.
Seems the District is continuing to spend money we don’t have on apps to monitor teachers and students and use in PR presentations. I’m not saying that ease of use isn’t helpful, but to monitor students like items on a conveyer belt does more for District PR machine than how to assist real students with real complex emotional and social issues – And helping the companies’ bottom lines, of course.
I’m most appalled at the Action Item’s last sentence, “Systems will be made available to all District schools, BUT payment to the services/systems will come out of each individual school’s budget.”
You’re just being the middle man to the sales forces of both companies.