Action Item 10, $117 million for contracts with Dell Marketing and Apple, Inc.

School District of Philadelphia Board of Education Action Meeting Testimony, April 21, 2022

by Lisa Haver [written]

Any one item that approves $117 million in District spending needs to be examined closely. The Board should ask for more details about what this money will be spent on than just what the sketchy description provides. 

We have seen over the past two years how important it is for students to have access to technology.  But what will this technology be used for?

Will it be used for standardized test prep in elementary schools?

Will it be used to subject more students to be guinea pigs in the blended learning experiment?

Will it be used to substitute content for learning?

To reduce the amount of time that children spend with teachers?

It would take just a fraction of this money to bring back certified school librarians to District schools.  Every school should have a school library with a certified teacher librarian. 

The Board must re-examine its spending priorities.  Technology is a tool to be used in learning.  It must be used wisely.