Overlooked Hite Legacy

By Diane Payne

Dr. Hite has wrapped up a decade of superintendency in Philadelphia.  He received accolades from each Board member, the mayor, his administrative staff, and the media to name the most visible.  Farewells rarely dwell on failures and mistakes so in each of these speeches, PowerPoints, and media articles Hite is a star.  But just as District presentations and PowerPoints at each monthly Action Meeting do not represent the reality experienced on the ground, Hite’s departing accolades leave out the hurt and pain felt by teachers, students, and families impacted by his decisions.  

Hite’s unflappable demeanor and ability to effectively navigate the political gauntlet served him well.  The power structure of the District and city were happy with Hite.  APPS hopes that  the next Superintendent will receive praise from students, teachers, families, and public school advocates more than from the city’s power elites.  

Here is what was left out by the Board, mayor, and media.

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Author: appsphilly.net

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