Eyes on the Board of Education: September 23, 2021

by Karel Kilimnik

“There’s a tremendous gap between public opinion and public policy.”

  Noam Chomsky

The rapid spread of the Covid Delta variant,  with a large part of the population still un-vaccinated,  has resulted in rising hospitalizations and deaths once again. Philadelphia schools have opened with mask requirements, some Covid student testing, and a soon to be implemented vaccination requirement for school staff. Last April, the District issued a press release to announce the launching of “a new COVID-19 dashboard, providing the latest information on confirmed positive cases in our schools”. Dr Hite said,  “We understand that having access to real-time information about COVID positivity rates in our schools is important for our families and community, and we are happy to provide this new tool.” 

But like many items on the District website, it is not easy to find. The District should post it on its homepage.  

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