Supporters of public education speak before the School Reform Commission April 26, 2018

SRC testimony pic

Click on the picture above to view all supporters of public education speaking before the SRC meeting of April 26, 2018. (Click on the arrowed square in the bottom right of the viewing window for full screen view.)

Click on the timestamp under the video or move the slider to the timestamps indicated below to view individual speakers.

Linda Cliatt-Wayman, former principal Strawberry Mansion High School   0:00
Melvin Sharpe, Strawberry Mansion community member   3:18
Ameera Sullivan, Strawberry Mansion counselor   6:30
Ruth Birchett, Strawberry Mansion community member   9:48
Lisa Haver, Alliance for Philadelphia public schools   12:53
Alison McDowell, community member
Tue Ho, Strawberry Mansion community member   19:45
Shirley Hooks, Strawberry Mansion community member   22:46
Diane Payne, Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools   25:05
Julie Nichols, teacher, Strawberry Mansion High School   28:02
Cheri Michael, Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools   30:39
Lynda Rubin, Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools   34:06
Karel Kilimnik, Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools   37:14
Barbara Dowdall, Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools   40:12
Objection to Commissioner Green voting   42:11
Vote on renewal of Eastern University Academy Charter School   42:40
Vote on Revised Charter Application for Franklin Towne Charter Middle School   45:19
Closing remarks by Superintendent Hite regarding Strawberry Mansion High School   50:57

Note: The SRC places media on row 2 in the auditorium which allows only filming speakers from the side and frequent visual interruption from the audience. We have protested these filming conditions to no avail.

Click here to read transcripts of the testimony
of many of the speakers.