Ears on the SRC: April 27, 2017

SRC pic with missing commishers

by Diane Payne
May 5, 2017

Present for this regular action meeting were Chair Joyce Wilkerson and Commissioners Farah Jimenez and Bill Green. Commissioner Chris McGinley was absent.

The PA Senate continues to shirk its responsibility to fill the fifth seat by holding a confirmation hearing for Wolf nominee Estelle Richman. Unbelievably, that doesn’t stop House Speaker Michael Turzai, a Republican from western Pennsylvania, from telling the SRC what they should be doing on the issue of Charter Schools.

After the tenth public speaker, Commissioner Green left the meeting without explanation. Just as the last registered speaker—#58—was called up, Chair Wilkerson announced that Commissioner Green had joined the meeting by phone.

The fact that the SRC conducted most of its business on April 27th without a quorum calls into question the validity of all official actions taken. His absence for most of the public testimony only strengthens the appearance of a commissioner who does not value the voice of the public on matters of public concern.

Six members of APPS testified in defense of public education at this meeting..

SRC Prefers An Obstructed View of Their Actions
The SRC continues to stifle community engagement and give lie to their claims of “transparency” by forcing the APPS videographer to film in a busy and noisy part of the auditorium. Rather than allow him to stand against the wall, out of the way, on the left side, where he had been for years, they have actually moved chairs out of public seating areas so that he is blocking the view of those sitting behind him. The audio and video quality of our reports have been compromised.

Staff Presentations

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