Eyes on the SRC – March 23, 2017

SRC 3-16-17 #5clipped

by Karel Kilimnik
March 20, 2017

As much as we would like to send our usual analysis of SRC resolutions, we are not able to—SRC has not posted the Resolution Summary.  

There are two SRC meetings this month, March 16 and March 23. The SRC’s rules state that they must post resolutions two weeks before each meeting. The Resolution List is up, but if you go to “Resolution Summary”, you will find resolutions for the February 16 meeting. APPS members pointed this out to the SRC in an email sent to Chair Joyce Wilkerson last week and in our testimony at the last meeting, but the wrong information is still posted.

This is not just a matter of oversight. After a two-year legal battle, APPS reached a settlement with the SRC that ensures that they follow the letter and spirit of the PA Sunshine Act. The SRC is in violation of that agreement which states that “…the list of proposed resolutions, with fully resolved paragraphs, shall be made available to the public on the official website of the School District at least two weeks prior to a regular public meeting.”

This is the SRC’s information about this Thursday’s meeting, in full:

SRC-1 Adoption of Lump Sum Statement 2017-2018

APPS Analysis: Why has the SRC not posted any resolution in full that will be voted on in a matter of days?

Next SRC meeting:  Thursday March 23, 2017, 4:30 PM at 440 N. Broad Street.  Do you want to testify? Call 215.400.4180 before 3 PM Wednesday to ensure that your voice will be heard.