Ears on the SRC – June 16, 2016

SRC 6-16-16 #4

By Deborah Grill and Lynda Rubin

In the week just prior to the June 16th meeting, the SRC added 10 new resolutions to the over-130 already posted. They also withdrew, without explanation, 7 resolutions for charter renewals.  Commissioner Farah  Jimenez was not present at the meeting, neither in person nor by phone.

Although renewals for  Aspira Stetson and Aspira Olney were not on the agenda, Stetson students were in attendance.  PA Representative Angel Cruz and Aspira Chairman Fred Ramirez were on the speakers list to speak in favor of the Aspira renewals; neither showed up.  Lisa Haver asked whether they were  taking part instead in the private meetings which Aspira attorney Kenneth Trujillo had alluded to and that the district had acknowledged were taking place.

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