Ears on the SRC: January 21, 2016

SRC 1-21-16

by Diane Payne

2016 got off to a predictable start with the first SRC meeting of this new year filled with old agendas for privatization and more new rules for speaking at SRC meetings. Some new lows include possible conflicts of interest, indications of back room dealings, blatant Sunshine Act violations—in other words, ever greater levels of the SRC’s breach of the public trust.

Hostile Takeovers of Public Schools by Charter Companies

Compelling testimony, including data and researched information on two charter companies chosen to take over two neighborhood schools, was presented by teachers and community members Cordelia Kao, Christine Kilenut, Matt Haydt, and Sherrie Cohen. Global Leadership Academy was chosen by Dr. Hite to “turn around” Samuel Huey Elementary in West Philadelphia, and Great Oaks Charter for Cooke Middle School in Logan. These concerns, of course, had no effect on the commissioners; they voted to approve as expected. Once again, only Chair Marjorie Neff voted No on charters. She explained that the district is still in a “zero-sum game” and that it could not afford to place more schools in the Renaissance program.

Hite and SRC Betray Wister Community

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Author: appsphilly.net

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