Biographies of the new Philadelphia School Board


Eight member of the new Philadelphia School Board with Mayor Kenney. (Chris McKinley is missing.)

These biographies were previously published on this website as part of 45 nominees for the new School Board.

Julia Danzy

Nominating Panel states:

Julia Danzy has deep knowledge and a strong commitment to the welfare of Philadelphia’s children. She has attended Howard University and has received a master’s degree in social work from Columbia University and a master’s in government administration from the University of Pennsylvania. She has worked in the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare and Philadelphia City Council and has served as deputy commissioner for children’s services in the Philadelphia

With a Masters in Social Work from Columbia University in 1969, and a Masters in Government Administration in 1989, Julia Danzy has spent nearly her entire professional life in the provision and administration of various aspects of social services, primarily in the public sector.   She currently describes herself as a “consultant in area of child welfare, spanning area of organizational design, integrated data systems, program design.” From 1992-2000, Danzy served as the Director of Social Services for the City of Philadelphia.  (Then-Managing Director Pedro Ramos, later Chair of the SRC, was her superior.)  From 2000 until 2002 she was a Deputy Commissioner of Health. In addition to serving in various administrative roles at the State level in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Maryland from 1987 until 1992, the remainder of Ms. Danzy’s resume covers her tenure in the Philadelphia Department of Human Services.

She is on the Board of Directors of Carson Valley Children’s Aid.

Leticia Egea-Hinton

Nominating Panel states:

As a bilingual speaker of both English and Spanish, Leticia Egea-Hinton has attended Chestnut Hill College and Alvernia University and received a master’s degree in social work from the University of Pennsylvania. She currently teaches classes on social welfare at Alvernia. In her career, she has worked in Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services/Adult Services, Office of Emergency Shelter and Services, and most recently served as the assistant managing director for the Office of Supportive Housing. She has served as an advisory board member at PHMC/Care Clinic and is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and a board member of Trinity Health/Nazareth Hospital

Ms. Egea-Hinton has been an Adjunct Professor at Alvernia University for the past seven years.

Her LinkedIn bio says as Director of Operations for the City of Philadelphia from 2006 – 2015 she was “Responsible for the Nationally recognized Centralized Intake and Emergency Housing system of the City of Philadelphia. The population served are households experiencing homelessness. The responsibility includes operational responsibilities for the agency tasked with developing, overseeing and planning homeless services in the City of Philadelphia. Requires management skills i.e. budgeting, systems perspective of the work, and planning as well as implementation of local, state and federal funding requirements.”

 Lee Huang

The Nominating Panel states:

Lee Huang has lived in Philadelphia for more than 26 years. He earned a bachelor of science degree in economics at the Wharton School and a master’s degree in public administration from the Fels Institute of Government, both at the University of Pennsylvania. He has worked at the Enterprise Center and currently serves as the senior vice president and principal at Econsult Solutions. He has served on the board of the Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians, the Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia Advisory Board, and the Urban Affairs Coalition Impact Development Roundtable Committee Leadership. He has three children, two of whom attend Penn Alexander School and one of whom will attend Penn Alexander. Huang is also a current member of the Philadelphia Water Rate Board.

Lee Huang has no experience or background in education. He is a parent of two children at Penn Alexander School. At Econsult Solutions, where he is currently employed as Senior Vice President, Huang “…has led projects examining commercial corridors, affordable housing, neighborhood change, transportation financing, MWBE procurement, real estate development, economic development, tax policy, economic and fiscal impact, transit-oriented development, financial modeling, tax increment financing, waterfront development, discrimination in lending practices, higher education, workforce development, technology, historic preservation, and recreational amenities.” Econsult currently has several contracts with the city, which may be seen as a conflict if Huang were selected for the board.

Huang is a graduate of Wharton School in 1995 with dual certification in Accounting and Management. In 2006, Huang earned his Masters of Public Administration at the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government, where he also received certificates in Public Finance and in Economic Development and Growth.

Mallory Fix Lopez

The Nominating Panel states:

Mallory Fix Lopez has lived in Philadelphia for 15 years, having moved here to pursue both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education. During her graduate work, she studied teaching English to speakers of other languages and concentrated in curriculum, instruction, and technology in education. She has both taught and volunteered in Philadelphia public schools in social studies and English as a second language (ESL). More recently, she has served as the ESL director and program founder at the Garces Foundation and taught at Temple University, the University of Pennsylvania, and currently Community College of Philadelphia.

 Ms. Fix Lopez is the founder and owner of Language ConnectEd, a consulting firm for scientists and scholars. This firm provides professional development to international scientists, including at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, for the Biomedical Postdoctoral Program (Penn), for the Department of Neuroscience at Perelman (Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania), and for the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (Japan).

She is a state certified teacher who worked for several years at Edison High School as a bilingual social studies teacher. She is the owner of On Point Cuisine LLC, a BYOB bistro at 1200 Point Breeze Avenue where they do monthly fund raisers for Childs Elementary School.  She is a volunteer with NICE (Neighbors Invested in Childs Elementary), a group advocating for their local neighborhood school. She is currently full time English faculty at the Community College of Philadelphia.

Fix Lopez designed the curriculum for the Free Library’s English-as-a-Second-Language cooking class and is the former coordinator and program founder of Chef Jose Garces’ ESL program. Her educational experience is with teaching adult learners, including teaching university-level ESOL to graduate students.


Maria McColgan

The Nominating Panel states:

A mother of two children, Maria McColgan has taught at three different Philadelphia public schools. She received a bachelor of arts degree and a master’s degree in education, as well as a medical degree from the Temple University School of Medicine. She has worked at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children while pursuing training in child abuse pediatrics. She has served on the boards of the PA Children’s Trust Fund, Philadelphia Academy Charter School, and Prevent Child Abuse (of which she was the founding chairperson). She currently works in the pediatrics department at Cooper University Hospital.

Dr. McColgan serves as Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine in the Drexel College of Medicine. She also directs the child protection program at St. Christopher’s Hospital.  McColgan serves on the board of the PA Children’s Trust Fund, where she focuses on prevention of child abuse and neglect, as well as overseeing grant making.  She is also a board member and chair of the fundraising sub-committee for the Philadelphia Academy Charter SchoolShe is a member and community education sub-committee member of the Philadelphia Adverse Childhood Experiences Task Force.  According to her LinkdIn bio, ACE works to “develop and implement strategies to educate communities about the effects of adverse childhood experiences, as well as implement policies and practices to integrate trauma informed care into various professions.”

Angela McIver

The Nominating Panel states:

Angela McIver has been a resident of Philadelphia for 25 years and has three children who attend Philadelphia public schools. She holds a history degree from Hampton University, a master’s degree in education from Temple University, and a doctorate in mathematics education from the University of Pennsylvania. She has served on the board of the University City Arts League and currently serves on the board of the nonprofit How I Decide. She has taught in the Norristown Area School District, directed the Upward Bound Program at both Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania, directed the Mastery Charter Thomas School transition, and founded the Trapezium Math Club. This research-based company focuses on helping children build strong foundational math skills through engaging afterschool programming.

The official bio does not say in what capacity McIver directed the Mastery Charter Thomas School transition, whether as consultant or administrator for the school district or employee of Mastery Charters. Mastery Charters took over management of the former Thomas Middle School at 9th and Jefferson Streets in South Philadelphia in 2009. Mastery expanded the school from a middle school to a K-12.

She serves on the board of How I Decide, whose mission is “to equip youth with skills to be better decision makers throughout their lives”.

Chris McGinley

Nominating Panel states:

Chris McGinley earned a bachelor’s degree from Temple University in elementary education and a master’s degree in special education from Antioch University. He earned his doctorate in organizational leadership at the University of Pennsylvania. He currently serves as coordinator for the Educational Leadership Program at Temple University, where he is an associate professor. Formerly, he has been a Philadelphia public school teacher, principal, and District level administrator. He has also served as the superintendent of schools for the Lower Merion School District, executive director of the Delaware County Intermediate Unit, and superintendent for the District of Cheltenham Township. He has served on the boards of Public Citizens for Children & Youth, Research for Action, and the National Adoption Center. McGinley currently serves as a mayoral appointee to the School Reform Commission.

Christopher McGinley was appointed to the School Reform Commission (SRC) by Mayor Kenney in January, 2017. As SRC Commissioner, he has spoken out against using teacher and principal training by corporate private programs such as Relay and TNPT instead of accredited university degree programs. He actively questions staff on their presentations to the SRC about programs and vendors. He has worked for the School District of Philadelphia as a teacher, principal, cluster leader and director of leadership development. He served as Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent of the Cheltenham School District. McGinley was Superintendent of Lower Merion Schools from 2008 to 2014. He is currently an associate professor of Education at Temple University.

Wayne Walker

 Nominating Panel says:
Wayne Walker is the president of Walker Nell Partners Inc., an international business consulting firm with a focus on corporate governance, turnaround management, corporate restructuring, and bankruptcy matters. Walker has extensive experience sitting on the boards of large and complex organizations, including Habitat for Humanity and the National Philanthropic Trust. 

Mr. Walker is a founder and president of Walker Nell Partners, Inc., whose website says it is “an international business consulting firm” where Walker “focuses on corporate governance, turnaround management, corporate restructuring and bankruptcy matters”.

Walker holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Catholic University (Washington, DC) and a BA from Loyola University (New Orleans).

He is a member of the State Bar Association of Georgia, American Bar Association, American Bankruptcy Institute and Turnaround Management Association.

Walker worked in the Securities and Bankruptcy Group at the Dupont Company where he was responsible for assessing customers’ creditworthiness as well as restructuring debt, both in and out of court.

Walker recently served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of BridgeStreet Worldwide, Inc., a global provider of corporate housing. He also completed tenure as a director of a publicly traded company (“NASDAQ”) in the new media industry. Walker serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of National Philanthropic Trust, a public charity that holds $6 billion of assets under management and has disbursed more than one billion dollars around the world. He also serves on the boards of Eagleville Hospital and Foundation, where he chairs the Finance and Budget Committee. Wayne also serves on the Audit Subcommittee of the corporate Union League of Philadelphia.

For three years, Walker served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity International, then a $400 million plus global non-profit housing organization spanning 60 countries. He also held positions of corporate secretary and chairman of the Executive and Human Resource Committees of the board during his eight-year tenure. Walker speaks nationally on corporate governance matters and debtor/creditor rights. He has written for the Annual Survey of Bankruptcy Law.


 Joyce Wilkerson

 Nominating Panel states:

A Cleveland native, Joyce Wilkerson started off in Philadelphia as an attorney with Community Legal Services. Wilkerson served as chief of staff to Mayor John Street. She helped to stabilize the Philadelphia Gas Works and chaired the board of the Philadelphia Housing Authority. She then went on to be the executive director of the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority. She is currently a member of the board at the Merchant Fund, Scribe Video Center, Brandywine Workshop, and Committee of Seventy. Wilkerson earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and a law degree from the University of California, Berkeley. She currently serves as a mayoral appointee to the School Reform Commission.

 Joyce Wilkerson was appointed by Mayor Kenney to the School Reform Commission (SRC) in November 2016. Governor Wolf immediately named her as SRC Chairperson. Wilkerson has held several administrative positions in the City of Philadelphia, including Chief of Staff for John Street as City Council President and Mayor. Wilkerson was key to implementing Street’s Neighborhood Transformation Initiative.

Wilkerson served as executive director of the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority. from January, 2010 to March, 2012. For two years she led efforts to restore the historic city’s neighborhoods after Hurricane Katrina.

At Temple, Wilkerson handles community relations and has served as the point person in the university’s quest to build a new stadium in North Philadelphia. She also played a key role in Temple’s deal to buy the former William Penn High School on North Broad Street in the face of vocal community opposition.

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