Transcript of APPS Member Karel Kilmnik Testimony at the SRC Meeting – August 20, 2015

Karel KilmnikGood evening everyone. My name is Karel Kilimnik. I am a retired teacher, member of the PFT, and the Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools. Tonight I have two basic questions.

A friend invited me to join LinkedIn. It’s a social networking site for registered members. I have been attending SRC meetings long before Ms. Jimenez was appointed so it surprised me to to learn that Ms. Jimenez chairs the Charter School Committee of the SRC. I subsequently searched the district website and could find no mention whatsoever of this. My question is what committees do each one of the commissioners chair? This information needs to be posted for the public to see. We, the public, have a right to know who is in charge of what committee. How do you plan to inform the public of these assignments?

My next question concerns the SRC Minutes. I have been asking for months. Minutes from 2015 are listed but the only live link is for January 2015. The public has a right to view these Minutes. Our tax dollars support the district. Last month I was told you would look into it and see that it is fixed. As of today they are still not active. When are you correcting this issue of public access?