Tonya Bah’s testimony transcript from the March 16th SRC meeting.

Tonya Bah
Click the picture to see the video of Tonya’s March 16th testimony.

As a Parent, one who is expected to love, protect and support my children, I don’t care if you’re elected, appointed or volunteering on this Commission.

The fact that children are suffering, Parents are suffering, Communities are suffering and our Educators are suffering and you sit there as if you’ve been coached to not respond. Trained to stare at us, to ignore, excuse, see through and past us. What is it that you agreed to do for this commission? What did you expect to change, enact, dismiss, improve and foster on this Commission. Are you proud of what this Cities School District has become?

Do you believe we, Parents, Community groups, Activist and Stakeholders honestly have nothing of value to share?

Are you being threatened in some way, is there a payoff in the end for your compliance? Did all of your teachers fail you in so big of a way that supporting the right for them to have a contract, is unfathomable?What about addressing the lack of resources for public schools. Reduced, stripped away because of nearby charters. Why isn’t this addressed? Will it ever be rectified?

I’d like a conversation outside of this room. A conversation that would allow you to comfortably share what you think about regarding mental illness, poverty, trauma and how this impacts our students, classrooms and Abilities for Educators to do their jobs. I’d like a conversation about curriculum, assessments, libraries, nutritional lunches, clean drinking water and suggestions on what together we can do to actually improve the future of education not compensation for the 1%.

My name is Tonya Bah and I am a parent struggling daily to send my children to schools governed by you, to a school district where Commissioners like yourselves sit on opportunities to address schools that fail to love, protect and support all children. I ask that you, “Stand up for children” listen, speak and respond or “Quit” walk away now and never come back!