Eyes on the SRC: March 17, 2016

by Karel Kilimnik March 12, 2016 Welcome to the Eighth Edition of Eyes on the SRC. There are no resolutions directly pertaining to the district’s most recent assault on public education, namely the Hite administration’s placement of four more neighborhood schools into his “Turnaround Network”. This month, we simply follow the continual erosion of school … Continue reading “Eyes on the SRC: March 17, 2016”

APPS 2015 Overview

by Karel Kilimnik February 22, 2016 This year’s overview has been delayed due to the increasing trauma inflicted on our public schools and our intense fight to save public education. What a year! You think it can’t get any worse…and then it does. We began the year pursuing our lawsuit against the SRC for violations … Continue reading “APPS 2015 Overview”