The Growing Influence of Jounce Partners

by Lisa Haver and Lynda Rubin November 24, 2017 It would be safe to say that no public school teacher in Philadelphia has seen or heard any colleague forcing a student to face the wall and repeat the same phrase 25 or 30 times. Any principal who witnessed such an occurrence would be within his … Continue reading “The Growing Influence of Jounce Partners”

No to Empowerment Charter re-Application and No to renew Tech Freire

Testimony of Ilene Poses to the Board of Education, September 23,2021 Shirley Chilsolm Empowerment Charter was rejected a few months ago, but it’s back again withbasically the same application. The CSO office noted that “the revised budget does not accurately account for significant expenditures, including professional development, utilities, annual lease increases and health insurance.” There … Continue reading “No to Empowerment Charter re-Application and No to renew Tech Freire”