APPS 2015 Overview

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by Karel Kilimnik

February 22, 2016

This year’s overview has been delayed due to the increasing trauma inflicted on our public schools and our intense fight to save public education. What a year! You think it can’t get any worse…and then it does. We began the year pursuing our lawsuit against the SRC for violations of the PA Sunshine Act after their illegal termination of the PFT contract without any public comment and ended it supporting the Wister school community’s fight to stop being charterized and stay a real public school.

Now the SRC has overruled Superintendent Hite’s recommendation about which schools should go into the Renaissance Charter School program…without any public comment.


APPS members and attorneys appear in Common Pleas Court to begin the long road of settling our Lawsuit charging the SRC with violating the state Sunshine Act on Oct. 6, 2014 when they abruptly cancelled the PFT contract and allowed no public comment before their vote.


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